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Design Notes:

The World Championship Tour (WCT) model is designed to surf waves like a shortboard. This board allows you to slash waves exactly the same way you do on your shortboard. It is the perfect board for world class professional shortboarders. Short SUP boards like this are often referred to as SUB's.

When you purchase one of these boards you get an identical copy of the boards used by professional team riders. These team riders have tested these boards throughout the world including Indo, Tahiti, Hawaii, France, and California. Team riders Guillaume Bourliguex, Patrick Bourliguex, Sverre Strom, Chuck Glynn, Jack Connors, Daniel Hughes, Mathew Hughes, Chris Hamm, Mike Baker, Darin Curran, Jeff Chang, Curtis Miyashiro, Scott Rockwell have successfully ridden these boards to archive top ten status in the 2010 Stand Up Paddle World Championships and elsewhere. These are tried and true rippers!

Our professional surfers and SUP team riders love to use the WCT Model in a broad range of wave conditions, particularly in fast hollow waves from 1' up to 20' plus. The rocker is designed for vertical top to bottom surfing. Despite its short length, this board paddles really well. The WCT Model comes standard as a tri-fin with a 10” center fin box.

The WCT boards have a very slight vee in the nose of the board, a single concave in the mid section, and double barrel concaves in the rear.

King’s produces only high value no compromise boards. We are committed to producing only the finest quality stand up paddleboards in the world. Our boards are proudly produced in San Diego, California and shipped around the world.

The WCT Models are available in any of the colors shown. The colors are trimmed with double black pinlines. The boards comes with a factory installed deck pad, an air vent, a handle, a 4-3/4" fiberglass center fin, and a set of 4-1/2" Futures side fins.Please feel free to call us with any special requests and for custom shapes and colors!

The WCT boards are built right here in the USA. We use ultra light Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) foam core material wrapped in premium grade fiberglass and epoxy resin. Optionally, you can order the WCT boards with vacuum bagged carbon fiber. The WCT boards are light weight with performance being the first priority.


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