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The Knight is our most popular high performance Stand Up Paddleboard. This board does everything incredibly well. It paddles so fast it feels like a race board. The Knight is great for flat water paddling in oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and harbors. The Knight is loved by everyone who rides it.
The Knight model will give you a smooth fast glide across the water for a traditional SUP board feel. Although it was originally designed to be surfed on waves, the Knight is one of the fastest paddling boards around. Customers call and write us all the time to tell us how they love this board! Make a special point of visiting the review section for this board to see what others have to say about the Knight.
For you surfers, the Knight models allow you to carve waves and easily paddle very long distances. The Knight has great drive off the bottom, fast trim speed, excellent nose riding, and a loose feel. This board will allow you to milk every ounce of energy from a wave. It likes to be ridden on waves from 6" up to 5'.

The Knight Model is designed for all skill levels; from beginner thru expert. The Knight has a vee-bottom running the full length of the board. It has a concave nose and double barrel concaves in the rear 1/3rd of the bottom. The vee helps the board resist the yawing from side to side caused by paddling on one side of the board at a time. Customers often find they can paddle almost exclusively on one side of the board without switching hands with the paddle. The vee also allows you to rock the board over on one side or the other to make turning a breeze. The double concaves accelerate the flow of water under the board which helps maintain a consistent glide through the water. The concaves give the board a "squirt" feel when the board is ridden on waves.

  • The deck has a flat standing area for a wide comfortable stance while paddling.
  • The bottom has a full-length vee bottom that is deepest in the nose and tail with a deep nose concave that breaks into dual concaves running off the end of the tail. This gives you great glide, stability, high paddling speeds, fantastic nose riding, and unbelievably fast turning on waves.
  • The rails are very thin for penetrating the face of a wave. This allows you to carve waves on the rails.
    • The shape is CNC cut in our factory.
    • The high-fusion EPS foam core is available in two different densities:
      • Super-light weight: giving you a 10% to 20% weight reduction in the final board.
      • Light weight (standard): giving you a very light but durable board.
    • The shape is hand finished to exact dimensions.
    • The Knight comes with two FCS II side fin boxes and a 10-1/2" long center fin box. The board includes fins.
    • The board is colored to your exact color preferences.
    • The bottom of the board is laminated with epoxy resin and 3 layers of 4oz fiberglass cloth which wraps around the rails onto the deck.
    • The deck of the board is laminated with epoxy resin and 3 layers of 4oz fiberglass cloth and a foot patch of 6 oz fiberglass cloth. The fiberglass lamination which wraps around the rails onto the bottom. This gives you 24 oz of fiberglass on the rails for protection against dings.
    • The top and bottom are finished using epoxy resin.
    • The top and bottom are finished in a clear UV resistant polyurethane. You have the choice of either satin or high-gloss.