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The King's Hydrofoil is the most advanced surf and wake foil on the market. It gives you the highest performance with the lowest weight. And, it is the easiest hydrofoil to master. The King's hydrofoil is the result of engineering and extensive testing by our team of expert test pilots. You will love this foil regardless of your experience or skill level. Beginners through experts love the King's Surf Foil

Below are two video showing how well the King's Hydrofoil performs in tiny waves. Our goal has been to create a hydrofoil that can be quickly mastered. In these videos Dave Daum is shown on the optional 32" wide front wing. Notice how easy it is to fly on this wing and the amazing glide produces. For faster and or larger waves we generally use a 24" or 28" wide front wing. Please enjoy the videos below.


 King's performed the "Pepsi Challenge" comparing our foil against the three best SUP/Surf foils on the market. The King's foil was the unanimous favorite by everyone who tested the foils. The King's foil is easier to balance on, comes on plane at a lower speed, maneuvers and turns much better.

Come take the "Pepsi Challenge" today; demo a King's foil and see for your self.

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a contact tab. Please send us your contact information and we will promptly respond to your questions. Or Call 760-822-7344.

The King's Surf Foil is fantastic for:

  • Surf and Wave Foil Boarding
  • Downwind SUP Foil Boarding
  • Wake Foil Boarding behind your boat
  • Kite Foiling

Please call us at 760-944-6197 to ask questions or to place an order.

Dealer inquires and wholesale pricing available upon request.


For optimum performance and or for lighter or heavier body sizes we recommend different size wings. One size is not necessarily correct for all people. Thus it is important to match you body size and intended use to the correct wing sizes. Simply select the correct size wing set listed above.The standard front wing produces 208 square inches of surface area with a volume with 30 cubic inches. This size is ideal for body sizes from 100 lbs. through 200 lbs. 

The standard foil assembly comes with a 24" long mast. This is the ideal size for most uses. To make it easier to learn, King's offers an optional 16" long training mast. The training mast keeps you close to the water while learning how to foil. The 16" mast is far less intimidating making it easier to learn to foil. Once proficient, the 24" long mast can be installed in less than 5 minutes. King's also offers 28" and 30" long masts for those needing more height. 

The King's Surf Foil is manufactured in Carlsbad California. The entire foil assembly is an example of the finest craftsmanship. King's Carbon fiber work is world renown for excellence.The King's Surf Foil is 3D Engineered by our in-house engineering staff. The mast, wings and fuselage are all made from carbon fiber composites and 6061-T6 Aluminium materials. The front and rear wings are constructed using CNC machined foam cores that are covered with carbon fiber. This gives you a foil assembly that is super strong while ultra light weight. The King's hydrofoil is less than half the weight of many competing foils. 

The King's Surf Foil mounts to the bottom of your board via a Deep Tuttle Box. Simply assemble the foil and you are ready to fly.

You will need to attach the foil using a highly reinforced Deep Tuttle Box in the bottom of your board. King's supplies a "Deep Tuttle Style" Box and all attachment hardware with every foil! Please see the Special Provisions section below.


King's furnishes a Deep Tuttle Style Box 4-3/4" thick x 3" wide x 8" long with every foil.  This block is used when modifying an existing board. These modifications must be performed by a skilled professional with experience working and or building surfboards, wind surfers, SUP boards and the like. Alternately, King's can modify your board at a reasonable price.

Front Isometric View

Rear Isometric View

Rear Isometric View Zoomed

Side View


Front View

Rear View










King Tut Deep Box Included with Foil.


Sandy and Ron on The Downwind Foil




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