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The Eye Opener is the highest performance and the most advanced noserider in our offering. This board is very fast, highly maneuverable and a fantastic noserider. Our goal was to design and build a board that could be ridden from the tail without the need to move forward to balance out the planing speed. Although a high-performance longboard, the Eye Opener rides more like a shortboard.

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a contact tab. Please send us your contact information and we will promptly respond to your questions. Or Call 760-822-7344.

Performance Features:

  • The Eye Opener has a medium height nose kick giving you great glide without nose diving during late drops.
  • Very high tail rocker giving you sharp aggressive turning capabilities. 
  • Extra thin rails to penetrate the wave face reduce drag, increase speed and prevent the rails from popping out.
  • Smooth hip in the outline that is centered where your front foot is positioned as you are turning.
  • Increased planing are in the back for greater speed and to allow you to surf off the tail of the board.


The Eye Opener is available in any color combination you want. Call us at 760-944-6197 to discuss your ideas.

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