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Design Notes:

  • The deck has a flat stepped-down paddling platform. This allows for a wide comfortable stance while paddling.
  • The bottom has a piercing bow with a vee bottom that is deepest in the nose and tail with a soft roll towards the end of the tail. This gives you great glide, stability and high speeds. The bottom is nearly identical to our racing boards making the EX models great race training boards. Although not specifically classified as a race board, the EX models are more than competitive when used for racing.

The following are the specifications for the EX models:

  • Expedition 11' 0" long, 30" wide, 6.5" thick, 235 liters of volume, 28 lbs. approximate board weight, 215 lbs. maximum paddler body weight.
  • Expedition 12' 6" long, 30" wide, 6.5" thick, 245 liters of volume, 30 lbs. approximate board weight, 235 lbs. maximum paddler body weight.
  • Expedition 14' 0" long, 28" wide, 6.5" thick, 250 liters of volume, 32 lbs. approximate board weight, 265 lbs. maximum paddler body weight.
To maximize value, all of the EX models are constructed using conventional fiberglass fabric and epoxy resins. However, the EX models are available in our Elite Model with vacuum bagged carbon fiber construction and in custom colors; giving you the ultimate in a light-weight / high strength touring board. Simply contact us by phone at 760-944-6197 to special order your EX.

The Expedition™ model is the “brain-child” of master shaper designer and engineer, Dave Daum. Dave has been designing and building the finest performing and highest quality water craft for more than 40 years. The EX is a 100% Handcrafted American Made product. Producing your board in our own factory allows us to stand behind every board we make. Try one today and experience your own “Expedition.”



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