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The King’s Wedge model is designed to be the everyday go to board for SUP surfing. This board is very stable, fast and loose likea a fish... We know you are going to love the Wedge!

  • The wide outline creates fantastic planing speed in all sizes of surf.
  • The tail, nose and rails are thin; allowing you to make quick turns at high speeds.
  • The bottom of the nose is slightly rounded; giving you a smooth glide through the water.
  • The front third of the bottom has a moderately deep single concave creating lift. This allows you to accelerate as soon as you catch a wave.
  • The bottom side of the front rails are chinned; preventing the rails from catching when you turn the board.
  • The rear half of the board has a deep Vee with deep double concaves which greatly accelerate the speed of the water flow under the board.
  • The Wedge is best ridden in board lengths under 9’ long. You will love riding this board in waves ranging from ankle high to slightly overhead.

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