Triple Threat

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The Triple Threat is the signature model of Mr. Aubrey Kuepper. Aubrey envisioned a board that would allow the rider to accomplish three goals:

  1. Catch waves super easy.
  2. Surf insanely steep hollow tubular waves.
  3. Allow the surfer to turn straight into the lip of the wave for vertical surfing. 

With these goals in mind the Triple Threat has been a huge success.

  • The Triple Threat has a narrow rounded nose to keep it from catching on reentries.
  • High clean entry rocker with generous tail rocker for very tight radical turns.
  • The bottom has a full length concave running from rail to rail giving you instant speed.
  • The rails are thin and easy to sink into the face of the wave giving you control without that thick and corky feeling of a thick rail. 

The Triple Threat allows you to ride any size and type of wave at a very high performance level. You have to try this board to believe how well it performs!

King's offers this model in a variety of sizes. We will also build any size you want. Feel free to call us at 760-944-6197 with any questions.