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King's is excited to offer the all carbon fiber Flyer Foil Surfboard. The Flyer is designed for the short-board surfer who wants to fly across the waves. The Flyer is a user friendly foil surfboard for wave riding, kite-foiling wake foiling and wing foiling.

Pablo Vizcaíno flying high on his King's Flyer and King's F-820 Hydrofoil.

The Flyer has a smooth and moderately high nose kick that prevents the board from pearling during the take off. The tail has a short steep kick in the rocker. The tail kick allows you to rock back making it easier to pop up onto the foil. The tail kick also helps keep the tail from hanging up on the face of the wave when turning on the foil. The deck is concave to lower your center of gravity and to help center your stance. The Flyer is available in several sizes to fit your needs.

Standard Equipment

The Flyer comes equipped with double rail mounting system seated in Divinycell H80 PVC foam with multiple plies of fiber reinforcements. The King's Surf Foil and any foil with a double rail attachment system will work perfectly with the Flyer. The Flyer includes front and rear EVA rubber foot pads (not shown) for you to install should you desire to do so. The flyer also comes with a leash plug (not shown).


The Flyer is constructed in San Diego California. We use CNC shaped EPS foam cores, 100% carbon fiber and epoxy resin to create a super strong, ultralight, high performing and easy to ride foil board. 

Available in the following sizes:

4' 6" Long, 20" Wide, 28 Liters, for Body Weights between 100 lbs. and 160 lbs.

5' 0" Long, 20.5" Wide, 30 Liters, for Body Weights between 140 lbs. and 160 lbs.

5' 6" Long, 20.5" Wide, 35 Liters, for Body Weights between 150 lbs. and 200 lbs.

6' Long, 21-1/2" Wide, 50 Liters, for Body Weights between 190 lbs.and 230 lbs.

Custom Sizes and Colors:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss custom shapes, sizes and colors.


Specifications are subject to change without notification.