Downwinder 1206

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The DownWinder is an amazing open ocean SUP board designed for paddling and riding downwind swells. Due to it’s high stability the DownWinder 1206 makes a fantastic touring board for rough water and open ocean conditions.

It has a continuous Vee running the full length of the board. The Vee is deepest directly under the standing location. In the center of the Vee you will find deep concaves running nearly the full length of the board. This allows you to glide on high velocity streams of water flowing under the board. At the very same time, the Vee allows you to lean the board over on rail for negotiating turns. The forward deck is steeply angled for watershed and low wind drag. The cockpit is deeply sunken with a soft EVA pad. This keeps your center of balance as close to the water as possible. This gives you a feeling of being in the water rather than standing high above the water.