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The Racer X.™ is the ultimate board for long distance paddling, racing, touring and recreational paddling. The Racer X™ is great in all water conditions. This board excels in smooth water and rough rough water. The Racer X™ is a fantastic downwind board with tremendous wave riding capabilities. Although the Racer X™ is targeted as a value-based board, we have many athletes who regularly win races on the Racer X.™  The Racer X™ is available in a wide range of sizes including 12'6" and 14' lengths. This board is also available in a wide selection of standard colors. Please take note that there is little to no increase in price for custom colors on the deck and or on the bottom. And, there is little to no increase in price for custom sizes and volumes.: In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a contact tab. Please send us your contact information and we will promptly respond to your questions. Or Call 760-822-7344.

The Racer X™ is the “brain-child” of master shaper designer and engineer, Dave Daum. Dave has been designing and building the finest performing and highest quality water craft for more than 40 years. The Racer X™ is a 100% Handcrafted American Made product. Producing your board in our own factory allows us to stand behind every board we make.

  •  The deck has a flat paddling platform without ridges along the rails. This lets you enjoy a wide comfortable stance while paddling.
  • The bottom has a thick cutting bow that blends into a flat bottom. The board has with a fairly flat rocker and sharp edges to maximize stability with excellent water separation from the rails. Although not specifically classified as a race board, the Racer X models are more than competitive when used for racing.
  • The tail is wide and moderately thick allowing you to make sharp turns without having to slow down excessively. The wide/thick tail also adds to stability and enhances glide and downwind paddling.

  • The Racer X is a great touring and  recreational board with ultra-high stability.

  • Lightweight: A typical 12'6" Racer X weighs 20 lbs. A typical 14' weighs 22 lbs.
To keep the price down and maximize the value, all of the Racer X™ models are constructed using a layer of X-Cloth,™ conventional fiberglass fabric and high-modulus epoxy resins. These materials are far less expensive than carbon fiber. This gives you a finished board that is nearly the same weight as a carbon fiber board with slightly more flex. In most cases, the paddlers don't even notice the flex. The Racer X™ is an incredible value!

 Please contact us with any questions 760-822-7344