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The King’s Elite 14’ race board is a fine example a proven race winner. Unlike many race boards the King’s Elite racer is super stable yet incredibly fast. This stability allows you to focus on your paddling without sacrificing speed. The stability and speed of this board exceeds that of nearly all other SUP boards—making it the perfect board for all skill levels. We build race boards for those who are absolutely serious about their equipment and winning races.

Why are King’s Boards so much better?

There is no board in the world as fast, strong and light as a King’s race board. King’s race boards have a very slight vee running the entire length of the board--the bow is designed to very gently displace water without causing a wake--the cockpit is sunken so your feet are as close as possible to the surface of the water--the bottom side of the tail has a slight roll allowing the water to gently release off the end of the board. King's boards are engineered to perform. They represent a product where hydrostatic theory, art, craftsmanship, asthetics and testing all come together to create one of the most highly coveted race boards in the world. King's race boards track straight, are highly stable, are easy to paddle, have unequalled glide, are super fast and have a long list of race wins!

Adding to the great design, King's race boards are constructed using our exclusive carbon fiber vacuum bagging techniques. Vacuum bagging is a technique employed to create mechanical pressure on a laminate during its cure cycle. Pressurizing a composite lamination serves several functions. First, it removes trapped air between layers. Second, vacuum bagging compacts the fiber layers for efficient force transmission among fiber bundles and prevents shifting of fiber orientation during cure. Third, it reduces humidity. Finally, and most important, the vacuum bagging technique optimizes the fiber-to-resin ratio in the composite part. These advantages have for years enabled aerospace and racing industries to maximize the physical properties of advanced composite materials such as Graphite (carbon fiber,) aramid, and epoxy.



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