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The Crossover is an ultra-premium quality SUP board. This model is designed for progressive high-performance wave-riding and is one of our most versatile models allowing you to ride any style and style of wave.

Beginners through experts love the Crossover. The Crossover is the perfect choice to take you from a traditional nose riding "All-Around" style board to a more progressive short board design. The Crossover is a hybrid combining the short board maneuverability and speed of our Sidewinder and Laser models with the easy paddling of our Knight, SS and Dauminator models. The Crossover allows you to carve turns, slam off the lip, slice cut backs and generate speed from a single riding position. The Crossover is one of our most popular models.

King's offers the Crossover in over 70 variations of size and color to fit anyone. If you don't see what you want just call us at 760-822-7344 and we will custom build you a board to your specs.

The Crossover is a true “do-all” design that works great in a wide range of wave types and sizes. The versatility of the Crossover allows you to comfortably surf in all conditions. The Crossover will allow you to experience:

  • Easy Paddling
  • High-Stability
  • Great wave catching
  • Extraordinary turning capabilities
  • High maneuverability.
  • Fun at all skill levels (beginner through advanced).
  • 70 Variations of size and color.

Due to the popularity of the Crossover, King’s offers a Range of boards in both stock and custom:

  • The Crossover models are available in a range of popular sizes and shapes. The King’s Crossover boards are available in the most popular sizes and shapes: fitting a wide range of paddlers. The King’s Crossover offers “performance without compromise” in more than 70 different variations.
  • The Crossover “King’s Custom” is available on a “build-to-order” basis. When you buy a King’s Custom you gain direct access to our professional shaping and design staff. Our shaping staff work under the direct guidance of world-class designer and shaper Dave Daum. King’s shaping staff will guide you through a detailed assessment of your skills, experience, stability needs, body weight, height, age, gender, intended uses, paddling and surfing conditions, and much more. This assessment may require that you log-on to our design screen to view the design in real-time. This is done via telephone and the internet via the King’s Web Site: The King’s Custom option is available for all King’s models. The King’s Custom option allows you to experience “performance without compromise” that is personalized just for you. Take advantage of this unique service by contacting us today.

Crossover boards are built right here in our North San Diego County factory. We use ultra-light, CNC machined, Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) foam cores. The foam cores are wrapped in premium grade fiberglass and copolymer resin. Using the King’s Custom option you can order your Crossover board in any size, width, thicknesses, volume, and color combination. You can also specify high-performance materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. The Crossover embodies Performance without Compromise.”

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