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The King's Accelerator is our best best performing all-around SUP board. This board is highly maneuverable, super fast, very stabile, crazy light, great in all conditions, and is highly durable. It has a comfortable flat deck and is constructed from EPS foam and carbon fiber. The board is finished in a very attractive scuffed satin finish. The accelerator is set up with five fin boxes and comes with fins. The deck has a one piece deck pad with a built in arch bar & kick block.

The Shape of the board has a progressive outline with a slight point to the nose. The bottom is flat in the nose with a single concave in the center and channels in the rear for high speed.  The high nose rocker is great for late drops and steep beach break waves. The Accelerator has thin low drag rails for fast controlled turns.  The outline also includes double wings for increased water release giving you faster tighter turns.

The Accelerator is great for all skill levels. This board is available in a wide range of sizes to fit every different body size and skill set. The Accelerator is the one board you will look forward to riding every time you go surfing . You should expect your surfing will be elevated to a whole new level.

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